Citizens Pact (Mani)Fests

The (Mani)Fests are a public moment in a process called the Citizens Pact, a bottom-up effort to bridge the infamous democratic deficit in Europe. This process empowers citizens to take action, to participate in the development of a European political sphere, and to ensure the 2014 European Parliament elections are truly transeuropean, rather than a sum of national logics. The Citizens Pact, launched in December 2012, brings together a coalition of citizens and organisations joining in to advocate for concrete demands for the Europe they want to live in.


We believe that no way out of the economic, social and political crisis in Europe can be found without putting citizens at the centre of the decision-making process and having European debates that go beyond national perspectives. Building on three years of citizens’ consultations in over 10 European countries; a shared set of demands for change in EU decision-making are being formulated, on topics ranging from employment and welfare to civil rights and economic and political reforms. The (Mani)fests will be a moment of presenting these demands in public spaces within the cities of the Festival, further involving other citizens in this process of demanding more democracy in Europe.         


All events are free and open to everybody.