Meet your MEPs

With the European Parliamentarian elections coming up in 2014 (the only directly elected body of the European Union), and with 2013 having been named the European Year of Citizens by the European Commission, the Festival is determined to bring citizens closer to the very institutions that most Europeans feel so far away from. With the aim of creating an action that directly bridges the distance between citizens and ‘institutional’ Europe, the Festival will host various MEPs in the different cities, creating a space in which citizens can speak directly to the candidates of the 2014 European Parliamentary elections, on the one hand putting faces to this institution and on the other hand, providing MEPs a chance to listen to the concerns of their voters.


Motivated by the increasing protests and outcry of citizens throughout Europe and beyond, this action a step in the direction of demanding the construction of a Europe where citizens, social forces, movements and associations return to having a say over their collective future; a Europe based on real democratic and political processes. Together with the (Mani)Fests events, this series of events falls within a long-term process run by European Alternatives where a shared set of demands for change in EU decision-making will be formulated and presented to European institutions.


All events are free and open to everybody.