Urban Games

The Festival aims at encouraging interactions between not only individuals and ideas, but also between ideas and spaces, and individuals and spaces. By bringing as many activities as possible in public spaces, we have been able to involve passersby, and through the format of urban games we provided them with a deeper understanding of the topic of the game, and a stronger connection with their own city. By organising these events simultaneously in different cities, a new dimension of engagement is added as participants find themselves interacting beyond their physical and mental borders.


This year Sofia is organizing a urban games on homelessness. Bologna, London and Barcelona  come together in the game Dialogue at Play: participants will be asked to complete a few playful “missions” by exploring a neighborhood in their own city, interacting with passersby from different cultures and completing creative tasks such as taking pictures or telling short stories. Players will also interact with participants in the other cities through videoconferencing and Instagram. Dialogue at Play wants to be a truly transnational urban game in which players exchange images, sounds and stories in a creative, fun and open way.


All events are free and open to everybody.