Transnational Walks

With the huge success of the format of the Transnational Walk, used for the first time last year as the opening activity in all Festival cities, this format will be featured in this year’s Festival. Organised this time in collaboration with a theatre company NAME, the theme of precarity will be explored during the walk on the streets of Barcelona, Berlin and Warsaw.


The act of walking itself, simple and ordinary as it is, is the prime way to place one’s body in space, to effectively link with the public space of the city, making a direct contact with the urban fabric. To use De Certeau’s words, “it is in the act of walking that persons write and rewrite the city as their space”. It is through these trajectories that the city takes shape, as a crossroads of moving beings. When enacted collectively (in a demonstration, or in a parade), walking becomes a powerful means to transform the surrounding space, to appropriate it and re-signify it. Walking collectively in many different European cities, we will create a transnational common space through a critical, political and creative gesture. The movements of the bodies, all together, will produce a set of trajectories and also a form of discourse – a discourse about the city, about the urban experience, about Europe itself.


All events are free and open to everybody.